Thursday, May 24, 2007


We spent the afternoon in the national museum. There were lots of exhibits about Denmark through the ages. Some of the highlights were in the coin collection, of all places. For example, there was a Swedish "coin" that weighed 2kg and was about 2 feet tall. At the time Sweden was trying to keep the price of copper high by casting ridiculously large currency. Also, they had an exhibit on currency in the Bible, including the type of silver coins they thought Judas got for betraying Jesus, an example of what could have been a widow's mite, denarii, and other coins that were minted under Herod. Really interesting.

I found a book in the museum bookstore called Prehistoric Cooking. Before looking through the book I had never thought about the difficulty of cooking before people discovered metal.

For lunch we ate smorrebrod -- open faced sandwiches. We got four of them and shared them. All of them had a small slice of whole grain bread spread with butter. On top of that was layered various ingredients like potato slices, beets, mayonnaise, pickled herring, chicken, pork rinds, radishes. It was better than it sounds. It's about $2.50 per sandwich, so we were able to eat all these interesting and healthy(ish) sandwiches for less money than eating a meal at McDonalds (at least cheaper than McDonalds in Denmark). You can see some recipes for Smørrebrød.


Rob said...

Hi Hammers! What are you doing in Denmark?!? Hope all is well with you both.
Blessings from the Dixons

Kim said...

Yummy! the food look good! :)