Saturday, May 26, 2007

Karen Blixen Museet

Yesterday (Friday) was supposed to be rainy, but it was nice, so we headed on the train for Rungsted Kyst (that second word meaning "coast"), which is the place where Karen Blixen, the famous author, lived. Ivy has read a bunch of her work. The Copenhagen train station was very confusing; hard to find the train we needed (we finally had to ask). And the train was really expensive.

The coastal town of Rungsted is beautiful. It reminds me a little of coastal Santa Barbara (no mountains, though). Karen Blixen was very into three things: writing, painting, and tracking bird migrations. We had to put slippers on to see some of the rooms in the house. The best part, actually, was walking around the grounds -- there are a bunch of long trails that lead through the woods. Lots of birds (it was a sort of sanctuary) and beautiful trees. We came upon a group of horses, across a fence in the next-door riding school. I cut my hand on some barbed wire when I slipped. Fortunately, my jaw hasn't locked up yet...

Last night we dined at a nice French place, then came home and crashed.

Requisite pictures:

That's right, gasoline is about 10.5 DKK = $1.95 per liter, which is about $7.34 per gallon. We've also heard that cars bear a 180% purchase tax (because the Danish make no cars and therefore their industry isn't affected). So a $10,000 car would be $28,000. Cars = expensive in Denmark.


Kim said...

$7.34/gallon for gas.. that is INSANE!

the gardens look nice though!

Scott said...

I may have to stop complaining about the price of gas! And cars!