Monday, May 28, 2007

Art, church, hotel

Sunday being a day of rest, we rested. Jet lag still has a hold. In the afternoon we went to an art museum, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. It was interesting to see the work of some Danish painters and sculptors, but some things we wanted to see were closed off (or, at least, we couldn't find how to get to them). The tucked-away top-floor collection of modern art -- most of which were super-sized versions of everyday things -- were interesting.

In the afternoon we went to the Copenhagen Community Church, whose service starts at 3 PM. They meet on the 4th floor of a building above a pub and the main shopping street. They were very welcoming. A bit more charismatic than what we are used to, but we enjoyed the service. The message was from Psalm 30. After the service, they provide a dinner for everyone, and then there was a business meeting which we were asked to stay for, and even asked to speak at -- about how our home church handles the ongoing work (i.e. the Dayspring chart).

Here is the building the church met in (the top row of windows):

This happened to be going on in the main square (but was not associated with the church we had just attended):

An artistic commentary on trash in the city, in the town square:

Here's a tour of our hotel room. There are three beds, but none are big enough to fit two people.

Notice how the shower drain is positioned in the bathroom, with the shower head directly above it (not visible):

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