Sunday, May 27, 2007

Copenhagen & Carnival?

Rain today, as predicted. Late start out the door. First task: gather foodstuffs, razors, lotion, glue, other things. Visited three stores to get things, but still don't have superglue to fix Ivy's ailing glasses (I admit I -- Greg -- should have fixed them before we left).

As we approached the Strøget (the walking shopping area, "largest in Europe"), we heard loud drums. It was a Carnival parade, strangely out of place here -- in a Protestant country, very much after Lent and Easter. Apparently it's a regular thing -- there's a Wikipedia entry just for Danish carnival. See below for pictures. And yes, it was raining during this scantily-clad event.

After gathering supplies, we went in search of lunch. We found a reasonable cafe just a little off the beaten path, took a seat, and waited. And waited. All told, an hour after we had ordered, no food had arrived. Our waitress was apologetic, and rather than lunch we got coffee and pastries -- on the house. Some more window shopping at various stores (ever see an $8,000 lamp before?), and we had dinner at McDonald's to compensate for sticker shocks. We were back home and relaxed until bedtime.

By the way, Skype is our new hero. We talk for free to people over the computer (with/without video), and very cheaply to most numbers we want to call -- 2.1 cents per minute to the US or land lines in Europe. It has made our lives much easier. If you want to chat, let me know.

Finally, our hotel is right next to Tivoli Gardens. We initially thought this would be some sort of public garden area; boy were we naïve. It's a kind of theme park, think Disneyland. But we've been told it's very different than Disney -- we haven't been in yet. Last night at midnight we were reminded that we are right next to it when we were treated to a 10-minute fireworks show that seemed to loom over the hotel. Other than that, this hotel has been really quiet. I'll post some pictures of our room soon.


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