Sunday, October 17, 2010

Month 7

I can't believe we are already halfway between 7 and 8 months that Luke has been with us.

He is really fun! He's nearly crawling (he can move, but it's more of a military crawl where he uses mostly his arms), he smiles a lot, and is making lots of noises. Sometimes when we sing to him he sings along in whatever key he deems appropriate. He's eating solid foods very well: pureed bananas, mangoes, sweet potatoes, peas, and prunes, all mixed with baby oatmeal. His sense of humor is pretty good -- he laughs a lot and seems to understand some jokes, and perhaps even plays some on us.

Last weekend we went for a two-night camping trip, which went really well. Our car was packed with stuff to simplify baby care, eating, and sleeping.

Here are a few selected pictures from the last two months:

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Greg said...

What a cute halloween costume. Thank you Aunt Sue!