Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two months old

Luke is two months old today, and he passed two milestones today. First, he seemed to repeat a sound that Greg made (we think). Second, he flipped himself from stomach to back -- twice! When he landed on his back, he was pretty surprised, and cried. But we were pretty happy.

Luke has been making a lot of different new sounds lately -- coos and grunts and other types. He's been batting at things, reaching for toys above his chair. He's really looking at lots of stuff. The most fun thing is his smile. He smiles a lot now, especially in the mornings. His smile is *great*. :)

Here's a picture (taken by Ivy):

It's summer (almost), so we've been able to spend some more quality time with Luke during the day. If you haven't yet met our boy, you should! He's growing up fast.

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